Save Money While Giving
Employees $0 Healthcare

A win-win for everyone!

Provider Partners offers employers a way to reduce overall spending while giving their employees the great benefit of $0 healthcare. We have negotiated fantastic rates with Ambulatory Surgery Centers and imaging clinics that are 8x-10x less costly than the hospital systems. With 100% transparent bundled pricing you will know exactly how much you are paying for each procedure and how much you are saving!

Quality Providers

Surgeries performed in a traditional hospital setting are ten times more likely to result in an infection and outcomes have been documented to be less favorable. Not to mention they are 10x the cost of most free-standing surgery centers. Free-standing surgery centers and hospitals provide an excellent experience that welcomes patients into a caring and warm environment.

Concierge Care &
Member Engagement

Through the HSG mobile app, members are able to directly connect with a Care Guide who can walk them through the process of getting their $0 care setup. The Care Guides will advocate on behalf of the member and facilitate the entire process which includes: records transfer, referral creation, appointment setting, and any follow up that is needed. At any time the member can ask any questions regarding their care.

How Do I get Started?

Contact HSG for a full review of your current benefits plan. We will sit down with you, assess your needs and wants, and develop a completely customizable plan just for you. In a matter of 60 days you can transform your benefits plan to better address the needs of your employees.

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