Save Perhaps Thousands of Dollars on your Out-of-Pocket Expenses for most Outpatient and Short-Stay Inpatient Surgical Procedures

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Benefits to Using a Provider Partner


Key Surgery Centers across the Nation

Access to specific centers in your area; find a provider online or call 888-711-9060.


Access to Quality Providers

Surgeries performed in a traditional hospital setting are ten times more likely to result in an infection and outcomes have been documented to be less favorable.  Most free-standing surgery centers and hospitals provide an excellent experience that welcomes patients into a caring and warm environment.


Concierge Services

Medical Care Analysts can assist you with determining if your procedure is offered by a Provider Partner facility.  We can also assist you with locating a facility in your area.  We encourage you to contact MCA before scheduling any surgical procedure.


Significant Out-of-Pocket Expense Savings

Plan members can save all or most all of their out-of-pocket expenses when using a Provider Partners facility.


Outpatient Surgical Procedures:


- Orthopedic

- Spine

- Pain Management

- Ophthalmology

- Endoscopy

- Colonoscopy

- General Surgery

- Cardiac

- Gynecology

- Podiatry

- Ear, Nose & Throat.


Provider Partners Disclaimer

The Provider Partners program is only available to participating employers.  Your employer may also provide a “customized” website and participating provider listing.  Please contact Medical Care Analysts at (888) 711-9060 or your HR Department to determine your participation in this program.


Your employer does not require you to utilize Provider Partners for the treatment of a medical condition.  You are encouraged to evaluate the services that are offered through Provider Partners and discuss the best course of treatment with your physician.  Provider Partners, the Plan, nor the Plan Administrator warranty the quality of care that is received from any provider or facility.


The listed services are for information purposes only and do not guarantee benefits are available.  Please refer to your Plan Document or call 800-749-1422 to verify if a service is covered by your Plan.


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